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Romney flip-flops again on health care, after proudly telling Latinos he's "grandfather of Obamacare"

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"No le presten atención
al hombre tras la cortina."

It's been less than 24 hours since Mitt Romney told Latino voters at an Univision forum that he was the proud "grandfather of Obamacare."

Even though Romney admitted that taking pride in the President's signature achievement on health care would get him into hot water with the conservatives who run the GOP.

Well, today Mitt Romney, who famously flip-flopped on health care reform four times in under 24 hours just a few weeks ago, has now backtracked on last night's pride rally, and is again demonizing health care reform as the worst thing in the world.

Worse than the guy who was its grandfather?

Mitt Romney last night, pandering to Latinos with his new orange day-laborer "tan":
The Republican even embraced the Obama administration’s claim that his Massachusetts health care reform plan made him “the grandfather of Obamacare.”

“I don’t think he meant that as a compliment but I’ll take it,” Romney said, adding that such a depiction was likely not “helpful” during the GOP primary.

Romney, responding to a question about whether he’d repeal Obama’s health care law, went on to tout his signature achievement in Boston with language that has irritated conservatives in the past.
Romney campaign today, via an email I just received:
Today, the Romney campaign will hold a press conference call to discuss... that Obamacare is a costly disaster for American families and businesses. The call will feature Governor Bobby Jindal.
So the campaign is now admitting that Mitt Romney is the "proud grandfather" of a "costly disaster."

How does that work exactly?

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