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Paul Ryan thinks America is in decline, wants to close Romney's tax loopholes

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Two things.

1. I think it's fascinating that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan think America is no longer great, but rather, is a country in decline. Never thought I'd see the day a Republican would diss America.
During a campaign event yesterday in Kissimeee, Fla., Obama rejected the GOP assertions that America is in decline.

"Now, I don't know whether they're saying that just because they want to win some votes, or because they actually believe it," Obama said, before touting American workers, enterprenuers, scientists and educators "But either way, they're wrong."
2. I'm also fascinated that Paul Ryan is complaining about rich people who shelter income via tax loopholes when his running mate, Mitt Romney, is rumored to not have paid taxes for ten years, because of such loopholes. Yet Romney won't release his tax returns, like every other presidential candidate has done for decades, including Romney's father.
While Ryan stressed that the GOP presidential ticket would close loopholes used by high-income earners, he declined to specify which would be closed to make the tax system fairer.
"Now the question is, not necessarily what loopholes go, but who gets them. High-income earners use most of the loopholes. That means they can shelter their income from taxation," Ryan said on ABC.

"But if you take those loopholes, those tax shelters away from high income earners ... that allows us to lower tax rates on everybody," Ryan said.
And of course, Ryan can't say which tax loopholes they'd plug, because Romney/Ryan have zero details about what they actually plan to do. They simply have no ideas.

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