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Obama cracks birther joke (this is quite funny)

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From the pool report of Obama's trip to Florida today, written by Helene Cooper of the NYT, who is hysterical.
At 6:51 motorcade arrived at...a strip mall.

Grand Oaks shopping village in orlando, which houses, among other things, Gators Dockside, a sports bar.

"There he is!" A little girl squealed.

Big cheer when potus walked in, doing a strange slicing motion with his arms that your pooler is informed is the "gator chop."


Being a huge beer fan, potus immediately sidled up to the bar, of course, standing under a ginormous stuffed? Plastic? Alligator.

He ordered a pint of something, and started chatting up patrons....

He goes to a huge table of ten, five kids, and one woman points to a blond boy at the opposite end and says "he was born in Hawaii."

Potus lights up and does some presumably Hawaii sign with his hand, which the boy returned.

Then Potus says: "You were born in Hawaii? You have a birth certificate?" The table busted out laughing.
And get ready for the Fox News patrol to accuse us of a double standard - why is it okay for Obama to make a joke about his own certificate and not Romney? Because Obama was mocking the controversy. Romney was mocking Obama.

PS The day Mitt Romney has this human of an interchange with a random person, get back to me.

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