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In Romney-land, horses are now people too

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Horses are people too.
A longtime friend writes:
Dear John:

I was invited to a fabulous "Women for Mitt" event happening this morning in Leesburg, VA. (For some reason, I'm on their call list). Ann Romney will be there!

And it's a marvelous example of their tin ears.

It's at a riding academy in Leesburg. Yep, that's where so many Americans hang out nowadays --a riding academy!

The instructions on the long automated phone invite warned me: "wear casual, barn friendly attire."

Upon going to the Website we see that the academy's employees are listed: two white women "instructors." OK. But wait, there's more -- more staff. More "staff" in terms of horses. Nine "equine staff" are listed, and even 6 "Horses no longer with us but not forgotten." No other staff is mentioned.

Wow, those two women must spend all their time mucking out stalls. Or maybe those horses are potty trained? Because certainly, if there were other staff people, say of the Hispanic or darker persuasion, doing any real work, certainly they would be listed as staff since, you know, they're listing animals as staff. Wouldn't they?

Wouldn't a candidate even vaguely in touch with the American people see how elitist this 'free, open to the public' event -- at a snooty riding academy -- appears?

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