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French magazine prints controversial cartoon of Muhammad

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Just because they can legally print it, should they?

Even as a completely non-religious person, I fail to see how publishing something that millions of people find so offensive helps with anything besides corporate branding.

In light of the recent deadly attack in Libya, the timing is horrendous. It seems a little too easy for the magazine to publish something like this and let others pay the price for their marketing campaign.

NBC News:
France has temporarily closed its embassies and schools in 20 countries after a satirical magazine in Paris published insulting cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, a move it fears will add “fuel to the fire” of global tensions over an anti-Islam film.

“We have indeed decided as a precautionary measure to close our premises, embassies, consulates, cultural centers and schools,” a Foreign Ministry spokesman told Reuters. Riot police were also sent to the offices of the weekly magazine, Charlie Hebdo.
Nobody is arguing that a violent response to the offensive movie is rational, but it is pointless to create ill will, risk of life and financial loss that others will have to pay for this expected outcome. Sticking a thumb in someone's eye for no other reason than to make a point is obnoxious.

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