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Why are all the GOP celebrities such nuts?

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Hank Williams, who previously compared President Obama to Hitler, now is telling crowds at his concerts that the President is a Muslim who hates the US.  And the crowds roar with delight.

Someone does appear to hate the US, but it's not the President.  (He also hates the truth, but that's typical of the fringe now running the Republican party.  It's the same problem the GOP hate groups have - a dedication to lying as tactic. Though sometimes I wonder if nuts like Williams, the NRA's Ted Nugent, the FRC's Perkins, don't actually believe the filth they spread?

It's one problem for the GOP if they're simply liars.  It's an entire other problem for the GOP if all of their cultural and intellectual leaders - read: Limbaugh - actually believe the garbage they spew.  Because in that case, they're not just dishonest, they're fanatics.  And believers - especially crazy ones - are far more dangerous (to us and the GOP) than liars any day.

At some point the Republican party needs to worry less about "taking back America" and more about taking back its own party.

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