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Video: Who are the climate criminals?

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UPDATE: A complete list of climate series pieces is available here:
The Climate series: a reference post.

The people at Ring of Fire Radio have made a nice YouTube video of my recent conversation with host Mike Papantonio about the climate criminals — who they are, why they act like they do.

There's an excellent set of graphics in this interview. Do click if you're inclined.

For those who've followed this climate discussion, thanks to you all. We're winding to a smashing finish.

Just two things to keep in mind:

 1. It's over for staying below 1½°C (3°F) by 2100. We should be planning (and funding) for that outcome right now. It will be bad, and it's going to cost big. A responsible government has a response team working it right now.

 2. Nothing past that point is baked in yet.

As I've said many times, there's only one way to win. In football terms:
Block to the whistle. Tackle to the ground. Play to the end of the game.
We ask this of others, like our friendly Dem allies. (Did I say allies? I meant protectors.)

It's only fair to ask it of ourselves as well.


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