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Two TV stations say Romney told them no Akin questions

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When the story first broke, the Romney folks tried to say it was an aberration. Now we know that this happened twice - two different times the Romney people told reporters they weren't permitted to ask Romney about the Akin abortion controversy.
The WHIO interview was one of four satellite appearances Romney made on local TV stations Thursday. Per common practice, campaign officials fished around for topics and questions that might come up prior to the taping. In at least two of those interviews, the Romney campaign tried to shut down questions about Akin, whose continuing Senate campaign in Missouri is ensuring that abortion stays at the center of the presidential campaign narrative.
Romney sure seems to plead the 5th a lot for a guy who claims to be innocent of any wrongdoing. He refuses to release his taxes like other presidential candidates, and now is trying to dictate to reporters what they can and can't ask him.

This suggests a few things:

1. Romney's staff doesn't trust what their boss might say to reporters, so better to cut any questions off before they get asked.
2. The Akin controversy has hurt Romney.
3. Arrogance. Romney has an unhealthy does of Sarah Palin in him; a sense that he will decide what information the public is entitled to, and no one else. It smacks of arrogance. But it also smacks of insecurity. For someone who shows little emotion, Romney sure seems awfully afraid of something.

What is he hiding?

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