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Squeeze - Cool for Cats

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This week was cat week over here. Sushi needed a checkup after his recent intervention for his thyroid problem. The results look good so far so everyone is happy about that. Cat girl (Nasdaq) also needed a visit but she was not being cooperative. She bolted in the morning and went into the garden and kept running when I tried approaching her.

She's generally the easy one but the day we arrived back home, I had picked her up and was walking on the terrace when I slipped on algae that was growing on the stone. (This year has been wet, so the algae never went away.) During the fall, she scrambled as I fell into a chair. She then was convinced that after almost 15 years, I was now on a mission to throw her. (Cat logic is never very simple.)

I eventually rounded her up, squeezed her into the cat carrier and transported her across town to see the vet. Looks like the old girl has a small tumor on her neck so she's back for surgery on Tuesday. The potentially positive news is that she's lost around 2.5 pounds in the last year, so her diet does seem to be working some.

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