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Meh Romney

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Paul Ryan was a deer in the headlights tonight.

Mitt Romney came off sounding like the last minute stand in for the lead act that couldn't make it.  His zingers didn't zing.  Even when he talked about his father dying, he was emotionless.

Team Romney did a good job on the video introducing Mitt.  Apparently he was a human being twenty years ago.  Though even then, he was a bit of a geek.  But somewhere along the way, Mitt Romney lost his humanity.  Somewhere along the way Mitt Romney became Clint Eastwood's empty chair.

So, yeah the speech was okay.  It wasn't the disaster that was Clint Eastwood.  Or the ongoing drone that was boy-senator Marco Rubio.  Nor was it the teleprompter mess that was Paul Ryan.  But it also wasn't the rather good speech that Condi Rice gave (you'd have thought she was the nominee).

But he didn't fall flat.  He just didn't fly high either.  Which is kind of the very definition of Mitt Romney: Meh.

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