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Romney lying again, this time it's about Israel

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And the press is calling him out for it.  But when will they start asking Romney about it personally?  Asking him, to his face, why he keeps lying to the American people in his ads? From National Journal:
While it's hard to remember who did what first, Romney took an early step down the low road when he quoted President Obama in a television ad late last year: "If we keep talking about the economy we're going to lose.'' Only the quote was from 2008, before Obama was elected, and he was referring to remarks by Republican John McCain. More recently, the Obama campaign has unfairly characterized Romney's position on abortion in television ads.

But Romney's most recent ad is particularly galling because it seeks to suggest the president is anti-Israel or anti-Jewish.
Romney's campaign clearly knows these facts but can't be bothered with a more nuanced and honest criticism of the administration's failure to broker peace in the Middle East. That's a shame.
Now it's time to ask him to his face why he keeps lying in his ads.

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