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Report of massacre near Damascus

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The ugly civil war continues to decimate the Syrian population. GOP candidate Mitt Romney is ready to send in US troops, despite fatigue among voters for more wars (and expenses from wars.) It's somewhat understandable on one level due to the horrible violence inflicted upon the people of Syria by the Assad regime, but what part of eleven years of war is Romney missing?

Candidate Romney fails to understand that the two primary causes of the budget problems today are the wars and the Bush tax cuts. We can't afford either, yet Romney can't comprehend this important reality. The budget-busting is about those two items, not social programs. As sympathetic as Americans are about the situation in Syria, it's not feasible to keep throwing troops and money at problems for years.

Meanwhile, the crisis in Syria is growing. The Guardian:
The Syrian civil war reached new heights of brutality on Sunday with government troops accused of massacring civilians a few miles from Damascus on a weekend which saw one of the worst reported death tolls in 17 months of conflict.

Opposition groups claimed more than 200 bodies had been found in Daraya, a poor Sunni community on the south-west outskirts of the capital, after Syrian troops had stormed the town on Saturday, going door to door in what President Bashar al-Assad's regime described as a counter-terrorism operation. Opposition and human rights activists claimed many of the dead were civilians.

A New York Times employee in Daraya reported seeing "scores of bodies lined up on top of each other in long thin graves moist with mud".

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