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OH Sec. of State suspends Democrats who tried enforcing voting equality

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Is there really any question whether the GOP is determined to restrict voting for their own benefit? It's hard to argue that their 2012 plan is to block voters but fortunately a few Democrats are standing up to the anti-equality Republicans.

Why does the GOP hate our political system?
Two Democratic members of the Montgomery County Board of Elections have been suspended after they insisted on allowing weekend hours for in-person early voting in violation of Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted’s directive setting uniform hours across the state.

Mr. Husted has begun the process of permanently removing Thomas J. Ritchie, Sr., the board’s chairman, and Dennis Lieberman from their positions. In the meantime, he broke the board’s 2-2 tie in favor of restricting early voting hours to the weekday timetable he laid out on Wednesday.

Husted spokesman Matt McClellan said the office knows of no other county that has defied the secretary of state’s directive.

The board tied 2-2 this morning on a motion from Mr. Lieberman, a former county Democratic Party chairman, to schedule office hours for in-person early voting on two Saturdays and two Sundays before the election. The Democrats supported it, and the two Republicans opposed it.

Mr. Ritchie said he expected Mr. Husted to simply exercise his tie-breaking authority to side with the Republican board members.

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