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GOP "We Built It" convention receiving tens of millions in govt funds (socialists)

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Not that the Republicans, and especially Mitt Romney, are beneath lying, but still - this ongoing "we built it" snafu is getting awfully embarrassing.

Every time Romney tries to highlight something supposedly built without government assistance, we find out that it was built with a LOT of government assistance.  There was Paul Ryan's family business.  Then Romney held a series of "we did build this" events around the country, only to find out that half of them didn't "build this" - they got government assistance, which was exactly the President's point.

And now we're finding out the same thing about the GOP's downright-socialist convention site in Tampa.
The Republican Party's convention site is creating an awkward reality at odds with the conservative media mythology that is at the center of the convention's theme.

In recent days, Fox News has praised Republicans for adopting "We Built It" as a theme for its upcoming convention. "We Built It" is based on the Fox-fueled distortion of President Obama's remarks tying the success of businesses to "this unbelievable American System" that includes government spending on infrastructure and education.

However, the selection of the Republican convention site actually proves President Obama's point about the role of government assistance. The construction of the Tampa Bay Times Forum was majority financed by the public; the arena is owned by local government; and the Republican convention has received tens of millions in government funds to help with costs and security.
Public financing and government property - Paul Ryan's idol Ayn Rand would roll over in her grave.

Who is John Galt?  Not these guys.

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