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Brits increasingly see politicians as out of touch

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Welcome to the party! It's more surprising that anyone even sees the political class as in touch with the reality of the middle class or poor. Since the days of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, even the mainstream left has sold out to the wishes of the rich. Unemployment support? Freeloaders, cut it! Tax cuts for the rich that throw more costs onto the middle class? Sounds like a plan! We all know the routine.

It's been a winning plan at the polls for the mainstream "left" (which is now the right) and from a personal perspective, it's been financially rewarding for the likes of Clinton and Blair. Sucking up to the rich while giving a gentle pat on the head to the left is the model and until there's a firm rejection of this from voters, it will only get worse.

More on politicians not getting it via The Independent:
The stark finding emerged as George Osborne, the Chancellor, dismissed a call by Nick Clegg for the Government to bring in a temporary "wealth tax" on the rich to ensure the burden of a new round of spending cuts does not fall on the poor.

The Resolution Foundation think tank found that 43 per cent of adults agree that "most politicians" do not understand the financial pressures facing people like them. The figure is highest (50 per cent) among those on low and middle incomes, the so-called "squeezed middle" earning between £12,000 and £48,000 a year – a key electoral group including millions of floating voters. The view is also shared by 49 per cent of people on lower incomes and 48 per cent of those on higher incomes. It is highest (53 per cent) amongst people between the ages of 45 and 54.

A survey of 1,900 adults by Ipsos Mori for the think tank also found that 36 per cent feel "financially squeezed"; 27 per cent expect their financial position to get worse in the next year; 25 per cent plan to cut back their spending in that period and less than half (42 per cent) feel secure in their job.

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