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Palin, who played a key role in losing McCain the election, has 'advice' for Romney

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She actually seems not to realize that she's a joke.  And that she played a significant role in losing the election for McCain once the public figured out that there wasn't much there there.

Now for the English language as only Sarah Palin can mangle it:
Palin, who is known to accuse journalists of having a liberal slant, said media “manipulation” would continue to pose as an uphill battle for Romney.

“Four years ago, Sean, they chose their one and they did all that they could to usher him into the White House. We are going to see the same tactic this is go around,” she said. “The filter that the media has is something that a politician, a candidate, has to be extremely astute in — kind decimating that filter and getting through it so that the public has the correct information.”
Yeay, the woman who created the 'death panel' lie, which helped sour the American public on health care reform, is worried that the media is manipulating people. Palin's definition of "manipulation" is when the media calls her out on her lies.  Palin prefers it when people let her lie with impunity since, after all, it's the only way Republicans can win policy or elections - by conning a sadly-gullible American public.

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