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I'm back from ComEd and Comcast exile

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So we got some storms in the Chicago area too.  This past Sunday the gusts were expected to top 100mph (which is insane, for here).  And it was one hell of a storm - amazing wind, hail, rain.  Even the dogs knew something was up (they were unusually clingy).  It didn't last long, but boy did it do some damage.

In our neighborhood, lots of trees lost some huge branches, and a few were broken in half, like this one about a block from us.  The trees seemed to break in clumps - meaning, half a block would be fine, and the other half would be branch after branch torn off.  I'm not sure how winds work exactly, but it's interesting that the damage could vary so much from block to block.

Our power went off in the middle of the storm, which hit noon-ish or so.  Apparently that happens a lot out here in Illinois, power going off during storms.  Like several times a year.  Mom and dad weren't amused.  We ran out and bought some cool LED lights that worked pretty well - a bit bright though to look at.  The best was one from Sylvania that was a tad more expensive (Home Depot sells them for like 13 bucks), but the light was soft white (interesting for an LED), and it lit up the room with a beautiful candlelight glow.  Putting aside the fact that the room was 80 degrees and humid, it was kind of neat.

About midnight Sunday night the power came back on, thank God, because it was nasty hot, but the Internet has been off since, thus my lack of posting - I finally tethered my laptop with my iPhone (hadn't tried it before) and the connection is surprisingly not terrible.  I'm keeping an eye on the data usage because I'm nervous as to how much data I'm using.  But so far so good.

Sasha caught in a rare moment of sleep.
Sasha didn't seem mind the Internet still being down (or the power being out, for that matter).  Once the storm was over, she was back in dog heaven, enjoying mom's furniture in ways mom never intended.

Eternally vigilant, even when resting. Though I keep
thinking of that Sopranos episode every time
I see her burrow like this.
The last few days Sasha has developed a new furniture trick.  About a week ago she discovered the dining room table - and that it gave her a unique vantage point for hunting squirrels in the backyard.  A few days later she discovered that sometimes the table is for more than squirrel hunting when she climbed on up right before dinner and helped herself to some corn on the cob, which she ate quite daintily and enjoyed immensely.  Mom was not amused.

During dinner, Sasha has taken, over the past few days, to standing on one of mom's chairs in the living room during each and every dinner, which gives her an eye on the local squirrel population, and anyone who might dare to walk by our house (with, or without, pet).  She dutifully barks incessantly should anyone, or anything, dare pass within 100 feet of the house, which was quite a thrill, mom tells me, the day the walkathon went right by our house.

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