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GOP still has no replacement to offer over Obamacare

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They don't get it and never will get it. They're only about obstruction and towing the corporate line, so of course they can't propose anything other than destroying Obamacare.

Nobody is arguing that Obamacare is perfect because it's not. It's still too much of a corporate giveaway but it's a start. The Republicans are glad to stay with the old system that everyone hates and really, it's too easy for them to take that position. Despite arguing about government run healthcare, they almost all take it while in Congress so they don't have a care in the world.

Unlike the rest of the country that has to deal with being told to pay more for insurance by their employer, Congress has it easy. Don't expect movement from this group because their plan is as good as it gets.
House Republicans generally avoided talk of replacement measures on Tuesday as they mobilized for an election-season vote to repeal the health care law that stands as President Barack Obama's signature domestic accomplishment.

Instead, they lambasted the 2-year-old law as a threat to the nation's economic recovery and predicted some Democrats would join them in repudiating it.

"This is nothing short of economic malpractice," said Rep. Nan Hayworth of New York, citing tax increases, government mandates and other items in the law. "We can and we must do better."
Fine, so give everyone a plan and quit obstructing. If the Republican plan is so great, it will win over the public, right? Since the public has only heard reheated old ideas and talk of scrapping Obamacare, they're going to be reluctant to dump everything for nothing.

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