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What is left for Romney?

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When Romney ran for President in 2008, he based his claim on what were generally considered to be three success stories: founder of Bain Capital; rescuing the Salt Lake City Olympics; and his achievements as Governor of Massachusetts.

This time around, Romney has won the nomination by repudiating 'Romneycare', the main achievement of his only time in elected office. This was always going to create a problem for Romney in the general election, as voters expect Presidential political campaigns to run on political achievements, not experience in business or public administration.

Having walked away from his first success story, Romney has just thrown away his Olympic story, turning it into a source of embarrassment. His graceless behavior in London was an unforced error, he only has himself to blame.

That leaves Romney with only Bain Capital left on his resume, a legacy that Obama has already successfully framed as a career as a corporate raider rather than a captain of industry.

From a campaign perspective, Romney's resume is shot. His policy platform consists of promising to cut taxes, increase military spending and balance the budget without any explanation of how he would accomplish this feat. What has Romney got left?

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