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Why "centrists" want to kill the New Deal

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This is the audio of the recent conversation between myself and Jay Ackroyd on so-called "centrism" and the relentless attempt to reverse the New Deal.

In my view, the "third way" is a cover story for the left-elites' attempt to keep the current aristocracy (both left-seeming and right-seeming elites) firmly in place. But listen and decide; and weigh in with comments if you disagree.

Articles mentioned in the discussion:

  ■ Jeffrey Sach: Move America’s economic debate out of its time warp (free registration required)
  ■ Paul Krugman: Magneto Muddles
  ■ Brad DeLong: What Is to Be Done Now?: Jeff Sachs Appears to Miss the Point by a Substantial Margin

Navigation hint: Holding down the right and left arrow keys performs an excellent fast-forward and fast-rewind. You can also click in the progress bar.

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The discussion opens with the Jeffrey Sachs article and "centrism."

The discussion of "rent-seeking economies" (which in the current instance means "making bankers whole") starts at 26:20. My article on rent-seeking is here.

Thanks for listening.


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