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Would you abort your Facebook friend?

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Allison Benedikt at Slate reports that there's now an online trend of pregnant women having their sonograms photoshopped onto photos of their pregnant stomachs (I am seriously in the wrong business).  I've looked at a few, it's a bit odd, but whatever.

Benedikt makes an interesting observation about impact of anthropomorphizing the fetus:
[I]t got us thinking about how the more we treat fetuses like people—including them in our family photo shoots, tagging them on our Facebook walls, giving them their own Twitter accounts—the harder it will be to deny that they are people when the next, say, personhood amendment comes up, with legislators and activists arguing that “the unborn child” inside a pregnant woman’s womb should have the same rights as the living among us.
What I want to know is whether it's immoral to un-friend your fetus in the first trimester.

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