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Surprise increase in jobless claims

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Maybe now is a good time for the GOP to stop their politics of destruction and think about the American public for once. We need a new jobs bill that gets workers working and not another round of tax cuts. (Looking at you, Bill Clinton.)

We have an infrastructure that is in desperate need of work and plenty of workers wanting to work. What's so hard about understanding this problem and then fixing it? Get a jobs bill and get it now because private industry is not going to fill in the gaps any time soon.

More Americans than forecast applied for unemployment insurance payments last week, another sign the labor market is struggling to improve.

Claims for jobless benefits unexpectedly climbed by 6,000 to 386,000 in the week ended June 9 from a revised 380,000 the prior week that was more than first estimated, Labor Department figures showed today in Washington. Economists projected claims would fall to 375,000, according to the median estimate in a Bloomberg News survey.

A pickup in dismissals may raise concern the labor market will have trouble rebounding after a slowdown in job creation in the past four months. Weaker economic growth and a lack of clarity about the business environment may discourage companies from hiring at a pace needed to speed up the expansion.

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