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Romney not opposed to Obama amnesty for young illegals

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This was news on Sunday, but it's still important.  And it's a window into Mitt Romney's soul, and general lack of conviction.

Mitt Romney was asked three times, in an interview aired last night, if he would overturn President Obama's new executive order permitting illegal immigrants who came here at a young age, and have no criminal record, to stay in the US. And three times, Mitt Romney demurred.

In GOP-land, the President's plan in "amnesty."  And amnesty is apparently the worst thing ever (at least to Republicans).  Once upon a time Romney was for immigration, then he was against it, now he's just not sure.

Romney is more than just a flip-flopper.  He's unserious.  And squishy.

Not very presidential.

Not very Republican either.

But you already knew that.

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