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Poll: Americans don't like health care reform, but don't like current health care either

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Oddly, 75% have a favorable opinion of the health care they receive.  I suspect that favorability is a combination of grandmas and grandpas that have good insurance as a result of retiring from a good company, middle age people who have yet to have a serious illness that tests just how good their health care really is, and the young who think they're invincible so they don't even need health care.

I'd be curious to see how people who have, for example, to pay a copay of 20%, 30%, or even 50% of their child's appendicitis operation, which cost $20,000 (meaning a copay of $4k to $10k) feel about the quality of their health insurance.  Or the families of people with cancer or MS, who run up against annual and lifetime limits.

Asking people how good their health care is when they're healthy is like asking someone how good a job the guy did repairing the hole in the roof when it's not raining.  Health care in America is a gamble. And if you get lucky and don't get sick, everything seems to work great.  That's not the way it should work.

PS The study shows that while people don't like HCR (and remember, they probably have no idea what's in it), they also don't like, to an equal degree, the current health care system in America.  That means the GOP needs to be careful how they handle tomorrow's Supreme Court decision.  It also means that Democrats should have done a better job defending the current law, and overall change to the system.

Tomorrow could be a big opportunity for the Obama administration to actually explain to people what the health care law does.  Keep it simple folks.  Adding kids to existing plans.  Getting rid of pre-existing conditions, annual and lifetime limits.  And lowering premiums.  For starters.  This should be the message that's repeated every day, over and over.  Just like the GOP would do, and does (except they lie).

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