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Pelosi triples down, stands firm for Bush tax cuts for those at $1 million in earnings or less

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Straight news, literally she-said (Pelosi) versus he-said (Obama). You decide. My most recent thoughts are here. I'm shifting slightly after doing some digging, but not a ton.

Bottom line — Pelosi doubles down on doubling down. (Is that a triple or a quad?) Either way, this is now the third round of her affirming this position. She wants tax breaks for those between $250,000 and $1,000,000.

Huffington Post on the she-said (my emphasis and paragraphing):
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday defended her push to permanently extend "middle class" tax cuts to people making up to $1 million, saying that drawing the line at $250,000 hasn't worked.

Pelosi has come under fire since she pressed House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) last week to hold a vote to extend "middle class" Bush tax cuts. ...

During her weekly briefing, Pelosi took aim at her critics and said that her proposal is the best way forward if people want to see any kind of permanent middle class tax cut extension in Congress.
Now the he-said:
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney dodged questions Thursday on what Obama thinks about Pelosi's proposal. He reiterated that the president is committed to tax cuts for those making less than $250,000.
Pelosi thinks this is "about getting something done."

So far, the White House and Pelosi appear to be in disagreement, and are taking that appearance of disagreement to the next level.

I'll offer my take on the Bush–Obama Tax Cut deal in a later post. Is this really the "best way forward" as Pelosi asserts? We'll examine that.

Whether you believe or disbelieve the sincerety of either of these positions, the post-election Lame Duck session will tell the tale. If it quacks like an extension of the whole Bush (and Obama) tax cut package, it is an extension of the whole package.

What kind of quackery is this? We'll know for sure in December.


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