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As many as 20 House Dems may vote to hold Holder in contempt

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Keep in mind, this means those Democrats are voting in support of some nutty GOP conspiracy theory that the "Fast and Furious" program was really a secret attempt by the Obama administration to justify going after Amurika's guns.

Yes, the Obama administration supposedly intentionally let bad guys in Mexico get American guns so that the bad guys could then kill good guys, thus giving the US government the excuse it needed to launch a nationwide clampdown on all gun ownership everywhere.


Brought to you by the NRA, the far-right nuts running the Republican party, and a handful of Democrats who just don't have the cojones to every vote for what's right.

David Horsey in the Baltimore Sun:
Michael Vanderboegh, a blogger with militia ties and a long history of talking up armed resistance to the government, asserts that the ATF purposely let the guns go to the bad guys in Mexico so that, after the ensuing bloodbath, the feds could justify a crackdown on assault weapons and gun shows.

Now, to rational human beings, that may sound totally ludicrous, but not to the folks at Fox News. They have made Mr. Vanderboegh a prime source for their coverage of this dispute, being elastic enough in their measure of qualifications to identify him as an "online journalist." It's not just Fox News, though. Mr. Vanderboegh's curious theory has been picked up and repeated by Republican members of Congress, including Iowa's previously sane Sen. Chuck Grassley who, in a TV interview, echoed the idea that Messrs. Obama and Holder could be using the Phoenix fiasco to build a case against gun rights.

This fits in with the broader conspiracy theory of Wayne LaPierre, the head of the National Rifle Association. The NRA boss has insisted that the reason Mr. Obama has done nothing to harm the Second Amendment in his first term is so he can win another four years in office, at which point his administration will start confiscating guns with no fear of retribution from voters. That's right, according to Mr. LaPierre, President Obama is not taking your guns now so he can take them later.
And as Horsey notes, Cong. Issa, who's running the anti-Holder show for the GOP in the House is fully in bed with the conspiracy theory, having repeated it himself.

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