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Youth challenge Alan Simpson to debate: "Your plan cuts benefits for young people most"

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UPDATE: Simpson says Yes.

To continue the quote in the title: "The younger you are, the bigger the [benefit] cut." Exactly.

This is a very nice video from, pushing back on (and calling out) Mr. Catfood himself, Alan Simpson (he of the "310 million tits").

I've said many times that the real Grand Bargain betrayal is between the generations, not between the Dems and Republicans. Those two are united, it seems.

The real offer on the table is from Billionaires of both parties (Our Betters) to older Americans, and it goes like this:
"If you'll agree to screw your children and grandchildren out of their benefits, we'll promise to exempt your own."
The Billionaires' sell to youth goes like this:
"Why not roll over and let it happen. It won't hurt (now); just close your eyes and think of England. After all, don't you read the news? You know Social Security will be gone before you need it. Relax. Let it go. Besides, look, google glasses..."
Well, here's a bunch of those young people — presumably one-time Hope-and-Change Obama voters, note — who aren't rolling over, who aren't thinking of England.

Instead they're calling out Alan Simpson — and presumably, all who support him (like this guy, and this guy, and this kind lady) — on the cruelty of his Catfood Plan.

Watch and listen; this one is a winner:

Here's their offer on the table. Dear Mr. Simpson:
"We challenge you to a debate with our young Social Security experts, in a time and setting of your choosing, in a format you choose as well. We look forward to your response."
Will Alan Simpson take them up on it? They really are calling him out. And Simpson is just mouthy enough (sorry, man enough) to say Yes.

Help them out if you can. The entertainment value alone of this debate would be well worth the effort to make it happen. And who knows, they might just save the safety net after all.

Very nice, folks — it really will be your world, very very soon. Time to take care of it with us, don't you think?

Occupy your future. We're certainly doing our part. Thanks!


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