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Top 5 most dangerous states for driving

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Despite the bad reputation, Massachusetts is the safest state in the union. Seat belt laws and other personal safety regulations are absent in the most dangerous states. If a state has any value for human life (as conservatives like to believe), why would the state not take actions that are known to work to reduce road deaths?

The most dangerous states?
1) Mississippi
2) Montana
3) Alabama
4) Wyoming
5) Arkansas

Why would any state not take safety regulations more seriously when we know that they work?

The Trust for America’s Health report also identified four key policies labeled by the CDC as useful in improving traffic safety. The four include having a primary seat belt law (which allows police to stop and ticket unbuckled drivers without any other cause), a mandatory ignition interlock for all convicted drunken drivers, a mandatory motorcycle helmet law and requiring booster seats for children 8 years old and younger.

Despite the massive financial burden auto accidents place on states each year, it appears many still fail to enact the kinds of basic safety laws that are believed to be instrumental in reducing auto accident deaths. In fact, it appears that the states with the highest rates of auto fatalities lack some of those key policies. Of the 15 states with one or none of these policies in place, seven were among those with the highest fatality rates.

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