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OH Sen. Portman on Bain's job chopping: it's OK, it's capitalism

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Says the career politician who makes a lot more each year than most Americans or even his home state, has a solid government pension and government health care which is likely better than what most Ohioans have, if they have a plan. He's a fraud, but also unfortunately, quite typical for the far right wing Cincinnati crowd. It's just a little too easy for a loudmouth like Portman, who has never had to work in the private sector, to be so dismissive of the harshness of Romney-style capitalism. Bloomberg:

Still, Portman, 56, defended Romney’s business record, dismissing an advertising offensive by President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign that highlights job losses at a steel mill that was taken over in 1993 by Bain Capital LLC, the Boston- based private-equity firm Romney co-founded and led. The mill, GST Steel, filed for bankruptcy protection in 2001.

“You know, that is capitalism,” Portman said. “There are not different kinds of capitalism; there’s the free market, and he can show where his efforts, net, created 100,000-plus jobs -- that’s pretty good,” Portman said of Romney.

Portman said the trading loss disclosed May 10 by JPMorgan shouldn’t be a reason to “rush headlong” into implementing measures under the Dodd-Frank Act aimed at strengthening financial regulation.
It's high time we start removing the perks of Congress and make them similar to what normal people have to live with every day. Until the pampered crowd there wakes up to their privileged status that far exceeds the norm, they need to have it all cut back. Forget about the pension plans and health insurance and let them navigate that swampland like everyone else.

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