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Mike Papantonio: What's really going on with the Edwards trial

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I find the John Edwards case fascinating. Thom Hartmann's intro in the clip below sets up the situation perfectly, and Mike Papantonio offers excellent commentary, as always.

Papantonio's bottom line — "The judge in the case should have issued an acquittal before the trial even started."

My take on the Edwards prosecution has always been straight-forward: His message of Two Americas was too right-on, too compelling, and too accurate to be allowed to live.

So when he slipped — and he seriously slipped — the Barons attacked.

First came the Baronial media, which gave him the Tabloid Demon* treatment. Then came the prosecutors, who wanted him jailed. Note that you couldn't bring him to trial if he weren't already branded as the Devil. Thanks, complicit media.

To what effect? To send a Baronial message to any politician that dares to get too close to power with another Two Americas message. (Remember, Edwards was raised to VP candidate in 2004. No voice-in-the-wilderness he; an actual threat to ascend the throne.)

The Baronial message — "Watch and learn. (1) We took Edwards into the public square, stripped him naked, pulled him slowly apart, hung his dripping corpse from the city gate, and salted the earth beneath him. (2) This could be you if you try that trick again."

Now Mike Papantonio on why this case is so bad, so hypocritical:

Note the Obama connection [4:35]:
A lot of this, unfortunately, is President Obama's fault. President Obama has been awful at putting on the court capable jurists — capable jurists that are able to take a case like this, forget about the politics of the case, and understand this a case that the jury could even consider.
Watch this trial. It's an indicator of many things, including the bipartisan anti-Dem consensus.

*These definitions come from the supermarket tabloids, moulders of our thoughts:

Tabloid Saint: He of whom no ill can be publicly spoken.
Tabloid Demon: He of whom no good can be publicly said.

Have you noticed that some people, defined sympathetic victims, could be caught burning kittens on Sunset Blvd and never make the news? Yet others, devils-in-the-press, could save Pope Ratziner from a burning church and be blamed for having smoked in high school?

Creating tabloid demons and tabloid saints is both a useful tool and an industry. Simple sells; even in politics. It's what makes ad campaigns so effective.


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