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US Coast Guard sinks Japanese ghost ship

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The boat was swept out to sea during the tsunami last year and had been approaching the west coast of North America. There was no way an unmarked ship drifting into a busy shipping area was going to continue. MSNBC:

The Coast Guard says the fishing vessel set adrift by the tsunami in Japan has sunk in the Gulf of Alaska after a cutter fired at it.

Petty Officer David Moseley told that the vessel caught fire and took on water after the Coast Guard Cutter Anacapa fired its 25mm cannon at the derelict ship on Thursday, aiming to sink what it called a threat to shipping.

Citing a Coast Guard spokesman, the Associated Press reported the firing began after a brief delay caused by a Canadian ship that wanted to salvage the Ryou-un Maru -- but then quickly found it it wasn't able to tow it back to shore.

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