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Keith Olbermann explains why he left/was fired from Current TV

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Much thanks (heh) to The Political Carnival for bring this to the very small screen.

Olbermann's first appearance after the Current TV dust-up, plus sidekick David Letterman. Watch:

I've said via Twitter something I want to say here. Dustin Hoffman is an A-list talent with an A-list ability to be a pain for directors. But he brings his A-game to every performance and delivers.

Anyone who hires Dustin Hoffman and doesn't surround him with the best that money can buy is (a) wasting his money, and (b) dumb as a stick.

Even I can predict the results, my neighbors can predict the results, Schrödinger's cat can predict the results (in its waking persona) — of that freshman media mistake. It won't be "hilarity" that ensues.

Olbermann, the same. Me, I'd hire him in a minute if the circumstances allowed me to let him be good. It's not that hard; there's so much talent in media these days. You just have to choose to use it.

Thanks; needed to say that in more than 140 characters.

(To follow my 140 characters, click here: @Gaius_Publius. Again, thanks.)

Side note — Did Olbermann inadvertently reveal his salary in his off-the-cuff "$10 million chandelier" comment? Curious number to come up with. Not that it matters now, of course, but still.


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