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Obama proposing limits on emissions from new power plants

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The new rules will only impact new plants and not existing plants, though that's not likely to make a difference for extremist Republicans who hate any regulation that protects consumers. Obama, ever the moderate, has not often reached out to environmentalists and even now, this probably won't do much to win them over since it is limited to new power plants.

Limiting carbon emissions is a great idea and necessary, but the problem is too serious for yet another middle of the road response. The time for timid responses is long gone.

The Obama administration will propose as soon as Tuesday the first ever standards to cut carbon dioxide emissions from new power plants, sources involved in talks on the matter said—a move that is likely to be hotly contested by Republicans and industry in an election year.

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to propose the long-delayed rules, known as New Source Performance Standards, that would effectively limit emissions of all new U.S. power plants to those of efficient natural gas plants.

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