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Jane's Addiction - Jane Says

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My first week back home has been about as good as it gets for Paris weather. Sunshine and warm, but not hot. If only it could stick around longer. After a review of my garden, I now see that a painfully high number of plants were wiped out during the three weeks of cold in February. Plants that usually make it through the winter (camellia and jasmine) are done. If I'm lucky, I might be able to salvage one of my four camellia plants.

The cats have finished with snubbing me and we're now back to our normal relationship. They're both used to me being around all day so they weren't happy to be on their own until late evening (when Joelle gets home) while I was away. Sushi's medication for his hyperthyroidism problem isn't working so we're now scheduling a vet hospital visit for radioiodine treatment. The poor little guy keeps dropping weight so we hope that this works.

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