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GOP Sen. Rubio proposes making Latinos some "other" class of legal non-citizens

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Sounds like Rubio wants to make Latinos 3/5ths of an American. From a NYT editorial:

Mr. Rubio's idea to make it palatable to his party is to offer them legalization without citizenship. "You can legalize someone's status," he says, "without placing them on a path toward citizenship." He warns that if Dream Act youths became citizens, they could -- horrors -- someday sponsor family members to enter legally. This idea is nothing more than some newly invented third-class status -- not illegal, but not American.

It's the Dream Act without the dream and should be dismissed out of hand....The only Dream Act worth passing is simple. It tells high schoolers who want to make something of themselves, for the good of the country, to go ahead. Join the military or go to college and take your place as full-fledged citizens in the only country you know. That Republicans reject this shows how far they have strayed from American ideals of assimilation and welcome.
We call that "guest workers." And it's a lovely way to solidify a permanent underclass in this country for Latinos. What is he thinking?  (He's thinking he wants to be vice president in a political party that doesn't like Latinos who aren't Cuban.)

Only Marco Rubio could turn the Dream Act into the Ream Act.

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