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WSJ editor repeats Obama is Muslim smear

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The Wall Street Journal pretty much jumped the shark when Rupert Murdoch, king of UK sleaze and American yellow journalism, bought them.  Today's comment from an editor of the Journal, James Taranto, suggesting that President Obama is a Muslim, pretty much sums up the sorry state of that once-great newspaper.

Imagine a Washington Post editor, or a New York Times editor, getting away with that kind of filth.  They wouldn't.  Because, for all the criticism we sometimes give them, they're still real newspapers, rather than propaganda arms of one political party.

Here is what a top Wall Street Journal editor tweeted today:

And here is the link to Snopes 100% debunking of the lie.  Taranto - again, a Wall Street Journal editor - not only tried to lie in suggesting that Obama actually meant to say that he is in fact really a Muslim, but Taranto also lied about the lie.  As Snopes explains, that's not even what happened.  Obama was talking about the "I'm a Muslim" lie when he referred to people targeting him for his supposed "Muslim faith" - he wasn't talking about his "own" Muslim faith.  From Snopes:

The Wall Street Journal has editors that race-bait the President of the United States with political smears that are lies wrapped in lies, and already debunked.  If the Journal wants to convince folks that it's not an appendage of the Murdoch machine, it should fire Taranto.  But of course, the WSJ is an arm of the Murdoch machine, so they very likely won't do a thing to clear their name.

UPDATE: Taranto is now claiming, in a series of Tweets back and forth with AMERICAblog Elections' Kombiz, that all of us simply didn't understand what Taranto meant in his tweet - he was, you see, simply restating that the President had never really said he was a Muslim, Taranto now claims.

Right.  First off, the tweet is obviously sarcastic on its face (sarcastic about the President's denial).  It's not an attempt to clarify that the President is innocent, so to speak.  Second, we are to believe that the opinion editor of the Wall Street Journal is so imprecise with his written word that one might understandably misinterpret his sentence to be a racist slur against the President of the United States (it wasn't just Kombiz, a lot of us interpreted it that way).  Because, you know, the Wall Street Journal editorial page editor just isn't that good with nuance in English.

That's one possibility.

The other is that he intentionally floated a racist attack against the President of the United States in his official capacity as a senior editor at the Wall Street Journal (note that his Twitter account clearly links to his workplace).

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