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US automotive manufacturers back in profit

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This is the industry Mitt Romney and the Republican party wanted to leave to die. Guess what, Obama's rescue plan worked and as a result half a million Americans kept their jobs and are paying taxes rather than collecting welfare. [Salon]

The numbers are hard to argue with: After the major automakers released their January sales figures, Autodata Corp. estimated cars raced out of lots at an annualized sales rate of 14.18 million vehicles for 2012. That’s the best month of sales — excluding August 2009′s Cash-for-Clunkers — since April 2008. GDP forecasters are likely rejiggering their first-quarter estimates even now.
Just how does the GOP think it can get away with having proposed the hugely unpopular and expensive TARP bailout of the banks who caused the financial crisis with their fraud and opposed the hugely successful bailout of the auto industry?

Oh silly me, they plan too lie about it knowing that the New York Times, Washington Post and the rest of the establishment media will never call them on it.

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