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In Mitt Romney’s America, we're all from Kenya

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In Mitt Romney's America,
we're all from Kenya
New poll numbers look good for the President, and bad for Romney. Wash Post/ABC Poll:
In a general-election test, Obama leads Romney 52 to 43 percent among all Americans; more narrowly, 51 to 45 percent, among registered voters. Among all adults, it’s Obama’s first time topping 50 percent in a head-to-head matchup with Romney since July; it’s his first time ever above that point among registered voters.
Two reasons this is happening. 1) The President has been fighting back of late. 2) Romney is getting beaten up by Gingrich in the primaries, and quite effectively by the President and the Democrats as well. As evidenced by these numbers - the tax fairness message is working:
Two-thirds of all Americans say they do not think [Romney] is paying his fair share [of taxes].
Fully 68 percent view the federal tax system as stacked in favor of the wealthy, not the middle class. More than seven in 10 support increasing the taxes of those earning more than $1 million a year — an idea the president has long pushed.
Romney has fought back, arguing that attacks on his or anyone’s financial success represent class warfare and criticism of the capitalist system that he said has made the United States the strongest and most innovative economy in the world.
Mitt Romney would have called the storming of the Bastille "class warfare."  Hell, he'd probably have been on the side of King George too during the American revolution - after all, the Monarchy made England the strongest and most innovative economy in the world, so why is everyone beating up on the rich guy?

I hear George Washington was Kenyan too.

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