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Murdoch reaches settlements in phone hacking scandal

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So far Murdoch's News Corp has remained safe in the US, but there has been a steady stream of updates as more information has been uncovered. The police raid of the News Corp offices in the UK the other week may still reveal more unpleasant surprises for Murdoch. It's a tainted organization and if the tables were turned, we all know how the Murdoch empire would handle any other organization. For some reason, the other news organizations in the US are too kind and letting this slip. Even worse, we have leading politicians who are not shying away from doing interviews with what is a rogue organization. The Guardian:

Simon Hughes and Steve Coogan were among a group of 15 phone-hacking claims involving 19 people to be settled in the high court this morning, as the Murdoch-owned publisher of the News of the World paid out more money to resolve cases ahead of trials that in some cases had been due to begin next week. News Group Newspapers reached agreement with the Liberal Democrat MP, the Alan Partridge star and others including singer Pete Doherty, jockey Kieran Fallon, and football agent Sky Andrew. Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair's one time spin doctor, and former England footballer Paul Gascoigne also settled today – as did Sheila Henry, the mother of 7/7 victim Christian Small. Both Hughes and Coogan were present in the high court, and Hugh Tomlinson QC, representing the phone-hacking victims, said a total of 10 statements of apology will be read out in open court this morning.

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