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How everyone wins in the birth control flap

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Yesterday we had the sight of five men lecturing congress on the reasons why their religious consciences would be offended should women get access to birth control.

After years of GOP culture war antics it is natural to assume that the current birth control flap is yet another Republican party wedge issue. Only this time it is not, it was the administration that decided to pick this particular fight right now.

The birth control flap has energized the most lunatic factions of the GOP base, and this in turn pays Obama multiple dividends. In order to keep in with their base the GOP takes positions that are drastically unpopular with the public at large, making them more fringe and Obama mainstream. Even though Romney is still the favorite to win the nomination, Santorum is now a real contender. The fight looks set to continue for many months yet, and the longer the two GOP front runners are fighting each other, the worse the prospects for the Republican party in November.

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