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Colbert skewers product "branding" memo

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This is a blatant steal from David Atkins at Digby's place, and too much fun not to repost here. It's Colbert skewering a branding memo he got from a company he agreed to do a product placement for.

Be sure to read Atkins' comments on this — as a pro in the branding biz, he adds some interesting context.

As Atkins notes:

[W]hen the hacks behind this cracker brand ... gave Colbert this memo, I promise you they were absolutely in earnest[.]
By the way, political candidates are brands too, and are created in the same completely insincere way. "Hope & Change" is a brand, like "less filling" — and in no way a promise.

And did you notice that the product is not an Occupyer? The brand is a perfect consumer — social, meets with like minds, and conformist. If you don't see the political-social propaganda in that product ad-plan — in fact, in every national product ad-plan — you've got an awakening headed your way.


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