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Billionaire endorses near-billionaire for President

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As expected, Donald Trump endorsed a Republican candidate for President today but not the one people had expected. The Trump nod has gone to Romney rather than Gingrich.

Maybe it isn't so surprising though. Not only are both men very rich, they both like firing people.

As points out, this deal is much better for Trump than for Romney. Trump protects his public image as a power to be reckoned with, a king maker in Republican circles. Romney gets to tie himself to a man whose public image is damaged, to say the least. The body language in the photographs says it all.

So why did Romney do it? My theory is that he dare not offend Trump by refusing him. Trump has suggested he might run as a third party candidate and he wouldn't need to take many votes to do a Ralph Nader on Romney. Even press speculation of a Trump run could hurt Romney.

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