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What if Romney flips back from his flops?

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Maureen Dowd in the NYT asks the essential question about Romney: What if he flips back from his flops?

Bush 41 went from supporting Planned Parenthood to declaring at his first debate with Dukakis that abortion was a crime that might need penalties. Romney went from being a passionate supporter of abortion rights who appeared at a fund-raiser for Planned Parenthood and endorsed the legalization of RU-486 to being “firmly pro-life.”
Many conservatives here don’t trust Romney to stay conservative if he becomes president. What if he began to think it’s his civic duty to cut the deficit by raising taxes, like Poppy? What if he flips back from his flops?
Her point: You can't trust this guy. It's like marrying the guy you're having an affair with. (Et tu, Mrs. Gingriches.) What's to guarantee that he won't stray again the next time some pretty young thing (or interest group) catches his eye?

By all accounts, Mitt Romney is faithful to his wife. But he's far less faithful to himself, and the truth. And conservatives make a jealous mistress.

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