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US CEO’s at Davos give cold reception to Obama’s tax increase for ultra-rich

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Asking the American CEO's at Davos what they think about tax increases for themselves is like asking Mitt Romney - poster boy for a horrendous tax code - what he thinks about paying his fair share. Of course they're all going to have it and talk about how is starts conflict. Little do they know, the conflict was started by their own crowd when they lobbied to get these tax rates.

The current model of taxes for the ultra-rich is no longer sustainable and it never was in the first place. Spare me the "class warfare" talk because the 99% have been living with it since the Reagan years. Proving yet again how hopelessly out of touch Davos really is.

“We all have to find a better-evolved model than what we have today, and we all have to ensure that capitalism is better connected to society than it has been so far,” Muhtar Kent, chief executive of Coca-Cola, told CNBC Wednesday. He added that he has a “great respect” for the president and the current administration. “By creating that type of conflict I think it's really going to polarize where the US is today. I hope we can get the rhetoric and get onto the real substantive issues that will really have some long-term effect on the country,” Dennis M. Nally, chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers International, told CNBC.

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