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UK police report shows Murdoch's paper lied to police

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Who would ever guess that someone working for Rupert Murdoch was against law and order? In this case, the police report details how the Murdoch reporters lied to police during an investigation of a murdered girl. The reporters seemed to have a strange fascination with delaying and confusing the investigation. Imagine how any of Murdoch's news outlets would report on such a scandal if it was a competitor. How twisted does someone have to be to drag a family through such an ordeal when the police were trying to solve a murder? As someone who lived through the untimely death of a brother, I can say that dragging out the conclusion is very painful. Murdoch owes that family a personal apology followed by a lot of money for such cruelty. When it's so obvious that the sleaze was so widespread within the newspaper, you have to look at the top management and put the blame there. They created the environment which made this all possible. Murdoch and his team are as slimy as they come.

The report, based on police logs from 2002, depicts a news organisation that tried to bully detectives into backing its own misguided theories, as police searched desperately for clues about the girl who went missing on 21 March 2002. The file says the reporters were so confident of their own power that they openly admitted the paper had obtained tapes of the voicemails on Milly's phone. Their misinterpretation of the messages then made them mistakenly believe she was still alive. Rather than tell her family and police of this important information, it appears they concentrated on getting a scoop.

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