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UK NHS wait times skyrocket under Conservative rule

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Delays have often been one of the criticisms of the British health care system and now they're worse. A lot worse. It's typical lip service by the political class who no doubt don't have any waiting time issues for themselves. It's really the same old problem where the haves continue life without an issue and the others are left to deal with the problems. Yesterday it was reported that the banking elite that was previously require to report earnings at the top, will now get a free pass. Most people can accept differences but when it gets to be so excessive, there's a problem. That's where many of us are today. The Guardian:

Department of Health data confirmed a large increase in the number of patients who have been denied the right to be treated within 18 weeks, which is enshrined in the NHS constitution. In May 2010, the month the government came to power, 20,662 of the patients who received NHS-funded treatment in England had waited more than 18 weeks. In November 2011 that number reached 29,508 – a jump of 42.8%. A rise of 13.9% was recorded in the last year alone, from 25,903 in November 2010 to 29,508 in November 2011. The increases are disclosed in the latest monthly data covering the NHS's Referral to Treatment stipulation that patients should have treatment, which is often surgery, within 18 weeks of being referred by their GP.

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