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Romney says Newt is "erratic," not "stable"

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Mmm mmm. Via ABC News:

Mitt Romney continued to attack Newt Gingrich today, calling the former House speaker “erratic” and comparing him to a “pinball machine.”

“I think as you look at the speaker’s record over time, it’s been highly erratic,” said Romney during a press conference following a campaign event in Tampa. “You know, he voted in favor of establishing the Department of Education, and yet he gets in a debate and says we should get rid of the Department of Education and send all the education issues back to the states. He’s opposed vehemently to the Massachusetts health care system, and yet just a couple years ago wrote about what a superb system it was.”

“He’s gone from pillar to post almost like a pinball machine, from item to item in a way which is highly erratic,” said Romney. “It does not suggest a stable, thoughtful course, which is normally associated with leadership.”
It's a smart move by Romney. He hopes to pique Gingrich, tick him off, and just make him all the more crazy on the stump.

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