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Poor one-quarter billionaire Mitt Romney plays the victim card

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Zeke Miller at Buzzfeed:

Mitt Romney says he was "outgunned" in South Carolina, blaming attacks from Newt Gingrich for his defeat there earlier this month.
But the truth is that Romney outspent Gingrich about 2-1 in South Carolina, and over 4-1 in here the Sunshine State. Romney has also deployed an army of surrogates to bombard Gingrich with negative soundbites and statements. And Gingrich unilaterally withheld from running negative ads in Iowa, and saw his poll numbers collapse in the state amid millions of dollars in attacks from a pro-Romney Super PAC.
Yeah, it must be tough to be worth a quarter of a billion dollars and be so rich that you honestly have no idea exactly how much money you have.  And don't forget that Romney also trucked tons of Mormon youth in to South Carolina to provide fake astroturf grassroots support at his campaign stops, and he still lost. More on the millions Romney is spending in Florida, far outweighing Gingrich.

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