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Murdoch’s News International settles in some hacking cases

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There should be more settlements to come for the shady operations of Rupert Murdoch. There is a court case set for next month and that could have an additional negative impact on News Corp. Suddenly the outspoken Murdoch is quiet on his new Twitter account. The Guardian:

News International has agreed to pay out more than £600,000 to 18 victims of News of the World phone-hacking, including Jude Law, Lord Prescott and Ashley Cole, in a series of settlements read out at the high court in London. The claimants alleged that senior employees and directors at News Group Newspapers (NGN), the News International subsidiary that published the News of the World, knew their journalists were engaging in illegal practices, and that the group sought to deliberately deceive investigators and destroyed evidence. While not admitting or denying those claims, NGN has agreed that compensation to the claimants can be assessed on that basis. News International declined to comment on Thursday's high court settlements.

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