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Megaupload owner lifestyle a big issue, so let's see Wall Street lifestyles

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If this doesn't look like an orchestrated campaign to win over support for the Megaupload raid, nothing does. I could care less what Megaupload did or didn't do according to the Feds, nor do I care about the lifestyle of the owner. As I said earlier, Megaupload did not cause the global recession. Wall Street caused it. If anyone wants to get cute about the lifestyle of the Megaupload owner, how about they're a little more honest about the process and show us the daily lifestyle of those in the music and movie industry along with the lifestyle of Wall Street. They won't though because that would only make their international raid look even more ridiculous. Rapper 50 Cent seems to be doing OK despite Megaupload even with the mansion going down in price. Dr Dre? Not too shabby either. Music/movie celebrity Jennifer Lopez on a $28 million yacht. Tom Cruise seems to be living a pretty comfortable life. Do you think he worries much about making his next house payment or what happens if he loses his job during the recession? How about Lloyd Blankfein's estate? Looks pretty much like how your average middle class American home, doesn't it? Sort of like former Clinton official and Citi board member Robert Rubin's house. Blankfein also has to have a simple little flat (a walk up, no doubt) for his work weeks in New York. How about JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon's house in Chicago that he had to sell? Yeah, pretty simple and average but hey, the poor guy had to be bailed out by taxpayers after all. So whoever is coordinating the Megaupload smear campaign, how about some honesty about the other side, including the freeloading weasels on Wall Street who had to be bailed out. With Wall Street, we don't even need to just look at the CEO's, because it's just as easy to look at It seems a little too easy to jump on this supposed scandal but ignore the real scandal that still impacts us all and will continue to impact us for years to come.

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